Cloud Service Sales

Shanghai / College degree or above / 5 / Full-time
2022-01-01 Released

Job description:

1. Sales of the company's cloud computing related products (Microsoft, Aliyun) and solutions in the region and industry to which they belong, and completion of individual performance indicators;
2. Collection, screening, feedback and follow-up of market opportunities, sales leads and project information;
3. Formulate cloud computing business marketing plans for customers, organize key customers to tackle key problems, provide proposals and quotations, and facilitate customers to sign orders;
4. During the progress of the project, we will do a good job in business support, customer technical coordination and other work, cooperate with other departments to successfully complete customer acceptance, and ensure payment collection;
5. Build customer relationship, maintain key customers, pay high attention to customer satisfaction, establish good customer communication channels, and tap and guide customer needs;
6. Assist the Marketing Department of the Company in implementing marketing plans in designated regions or industries, and coordinate industry partners and business resources.

Job requirements
1. Priority: familiar with the development trend of cloud computing, big data and other technologies, and familiar with the functional characteristics of mainstream cloud computing and virtualization products;
2. At least 1 year of sales experience in IT industry, such as server, storage, network, virtualization, system integration, solutions, etc;
3. It can independently develop target customer groups (government, army, large and medium-sized enterprises, foreign enterprises, public utilities, etc.), constantly collect and tap potential customers, and it is preferred to have ready-made customer resources or relevant industry contacts;
4. Experience in new customer development and sales of consulting solutions, skilled sales skills for key customers, and business negotiation ability;
5. Strong expression ability, able to carry out effective on-site program demonstration and explanation for customers, guide and stimulate customers;
6. Confident, optimistic, friendly, energetic, enthusiastic and energetic;
7. Dare to take responsibility, have strong anti pressure ability, strong enterprising spirit and executive ability. Apply Now

Service Engineer

Shanghai / College degree or above / 1 / Full-time
2022-01-01 Released

Job description:

Scheme design: responsible for formulating Microsoft product solutions for various businesses;
Technical support: responsible for technical communication with customers, providing technical consultation and scheme testing;
Product deployment: responsible for product implementation process management and participating in implementation;
Product training: provide software related product technical training for customers and internal employees;

Job requirements
Major in computer science, with general English reading ability;
Proficient and familiar with Microsoft related products, more than 1 year of relevant work experience;
Good document writing ability, able to provide customers with solutions based on Microsoft and other products;
Have strong enterprising spirit, curiosity and teamwork spirit, and strong communication and coordination ability;
The language expression and thinking logic are clear, the personality is optimistic, and the ability of written expression is strong;
Strong professional dedication and sense of responsibility;

Position treatment
Salary: base salary+high commission;
Working hours: 5 days a week, 8 hours a day;
Welfare benefits: social security, paid annual leave, tourism, statutory holidays, other benefits, etc; Apply Now
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